Gamer Goes Viral After Flashing Her Boobs During Live Broadcast

A Twitch streamer who got fans all hot and bothered when she flashed during a live stream, got herself into a spot of bother with her fellow streamers and the show’s host Genietfan as a result.
The gamer girl known as ‘Kaitwan13’ was invited by the show’s host to play the post-apocalyptic game H1Z1 when the incident happened, and almost as soon as the game began, the popular gamer exposed herself causing Genietfan to shout, ‘Kay, what the fuck?!’
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Genietfan, real name Vincent Naeri, is now looking at a 30 day ban on his Twitch channel as punishment for Kaitwan’s indecent exposure, The Daily Star reports.
Kaitwan has since apologised for her display on Twitter, saying:
I have apologised to @genietFAN I can’t do much more, I hope we can get past this & still be friends.
We all make mistakes, don’t act like your better than someone else.
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Genietfan has reportedly accepted her apology but has also said they can no longer be friends.
However, some fans have come to Kaitwan13’s defense.
One replied saying: “Everyone has the right to error. Nobody died… For me it was fun :D the magic of live show”
While another claimed “Its obviously accident she didn’t know that her cam was still on … And she freaked out when they told her.”
Despite the support, Kaitwan13 decided to delete most of her social media accounts and has been notably quiet since the accidental flash.
Only a few days ago, Twitch also shut down Legendary Lea May, a streamer who accidentally flashed her vagina while recording a live show last month.
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May tried to argue with the streaming service that it was her thigh and that she couldn’t stand properly because of her injured ankle, but Twitch still slapped her with a 30-day ban.
Twitch say this is in response to a raft of complaints, adding: “The community has closed this channel due to terms of service violations.”
After Legendary Lea May and Kaitwan’s accidental flashes, let’s hope this isn’t the beginning of a new Twitch trend.

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