‘Gingers Have Souls’ Star Reveals First Pictures Living As A Woman

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Back in 2010, the world rejoiced when the video of a very angry ‘CopperCab’ went incredibly viral as the YouTube star posted a video ranting that ‘Gingers Have Souls’.
The original video involved CopperCab going fucking mental about a South Park episode in which Cartman claimed that ginger haired people didn’t have souls.
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But now, things are very different for the angry YouTuber, once known as CopperCab.
Born as Michael Kittrell in Georgia, U.S, the ginger haired legend has been out of the limelight for quite a while, but now things are all about to change, after CopperCab announced on Twitter that she has transitioned into a female called Claire.
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Claire posted to say that she had been inactive on YouTube for the past 5 months due to undergoing HRT (hormone replacement treatment), while also promising an update video in the next few hours.
As you’d probably expect, after going through such an emotional ordeal, Claire’s Twitter has been incredibly active over the past few hours with copious tweets:
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