Pokémon GO Makes Huge Profits In First Month Since Release

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or in a place with terrible 3G coverage) for the past month, then you’ll know that the new Pokémon GO app has well and truly taken over the world. The addictive mobile game has invaded people’s lives, leading perfectly reasonable people to spend hours of their spare time hunting invisible creatures and collecting invisible balls.
Since the record-breaking release of its new mobile game Pokémon GO, Nintendo has added $7.5 billion to its market value and increased its stock shares by 25 per cent. Basically, anyone with shares in the company is pretty darn rich, and everyone else is kicking themselves that they didn’t think of it sooner.
While you’d expect Pokémon GO’s profits to be huge, no one was prepared for quite how huge they really were. Head over to the next page to discover exactly how much paper Nintendo are currently stacking.
Analytics firm Sensor Tower have reported that Pokémon GO set a new world record after making over $200 million in worldwide net revenue in the first month alone since the app’s release. In comparison, the previous record holder was mobile card game Clash Royale, with $120 million in the same amount of time. Shortly behind that is everyone’s favourite love-to-hate app Candy Crush Saga, which cashed in at $25 million.
If you’re now feeling very depressed about the fact that you don’t own shares in Nintendo, don’t worry, because the video over on the next page is bound to cheer you up. The clip shows several dancing Pikachus having a great time at the world’s biggest Pikachu dress-up festival in Japan.
Pikachu Outbreak is held every summer in Yokohama, Japan, and it sees thousands of Pikachus marching, dancing, and having fun on the street.
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